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UnJS - Unified JavaScript solutions

JavaScript can run almost anywhere nowadays - in the browser, on the server, in lambdas, and on the edge. And so do our Vue and Nuxt applications! Talking about Nuxt - Already when developing Nuxt 2, the goal was to keep the core lean and release additional functionalities as Nuxt modules, or as separate packages.

JavaScript is a language that is constantly evolving. Every year it gets new features and syntax updates. But with so many new features, it's easy to lose track.

Web Fundamentals and Vue.js

  • Private workshop
  • Online
  • 2022-04-12

The goal of the workshop was to teach people the fundamentals of the web: How the web works, the basics of the three main languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript and how to use them together.

Map, Reduce, Filter - No loops needed

  • Hacken 101 - iFSR TU Dresden
  • Dresden, Germany
  • 2018-01-30

The popularity of functional programming is without doubt, even in non-functional languages. It's rise is underpinned by Java, which now also includes functional paradigms in the language's core. This talk is perfect for people who never used map, reduce or filter, or for those who don't know a bit about the mentioned functions.