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JavaScript Made Easy: A Beginner's Workshop

2 days

max. 20

English or German

Alexander Lichter

JavaScript is everywhere nowadays and can be your gateway to the world of web development, creating desktop or mobile applications, and becoming a fullstack developer — all by learning a single language.

In this workshop, JavaScript will be demystified, providing a clear and accessible introduction to the language that powers interactivity on the web. From the fundamentals of variables and functions to hands-on coding exercises, you'll gain the essential skills needed to begin your journey as a JavaScript developer.

JavaScript doesn't have to be daunting; let us make it easy for you!


  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Brief history of JavaScript
    • What is JavaScript?
    • Where can JavaScript be used?
  • The IDE
    • Setting up Visual Studio Code
  • JavaScript Basics
    • Variables
    • Data Types
    • Syntax and Operators
  • Functions and Control Flow
    • Creating Functions
    • Control Flow in your code
    • Loops
  • The Document Object Model (DOM)
    • What is the DOM?
    • Selecting DOM elements
    • Manipulating DOM elements
  • Event Handling
    • What are events?
    • Handling events
    • Event bubbling and delegation
  • Using Complex Data Types
    • Arrays and their methods
    • Objects and their methods
    • Caveats
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
    • Callbacks
    • Promises
    • async/await
  • Error Handling
    • try/catch
    • throw
    • finally
  • Modules
    • What are modules?
    • Importing and exporting modules
    • CommonJS vs. ES Modules

Target audience and requirements

This workshop targets developers who have no or little knowledge of JavaScript and want to learn the basics. No previous knowledge is required. General programming understanding is helpful, but not required.

If JavaScript knowledge is already present but it lacks the info about the latest features, the Modern JavaScript Workshop is recommended. Otherwise, combining is also possible


This workshop is a hands-on workshop.

Instead of the typical workshop flow, you will work through the exercises before I'll teach you the theory and background. This way, you will learn the most important concepts of Nuxt.js by doing and not by listening or copying lines of code from the slides.

After each exercise, we will go through the solution and theory together, reinforcing what you have learned.

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Alexander Lichter

Nuxt team member • Consultant • Trainer

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