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JavaScript can run almost anywhere nowadays - in the browser, on the server, in lambdas, and on the edge. And so do our Vue and Nuxt applications! Talking about Nuxt - Already when developing Nuxt 2, the goal was to keep the core lean and release additional functionalities as Nuxt modules, or as separate packages.

This decouples the functionalities and makes features easier to test. With Nuxt 3, this pattern has been enforced further! At the time of writing, the unjs organisation contains more than 60 repositories, most of them being universally usable packages for the JavaScript and TypeScript ecosystem. Many of them are direct dependencies of Nuxt (2 and 3) but also other popular frameworks like Razzle or Next.js. But they can also come in very handy for building typical 'userland' projects.

During the talk, we won't build our own Nuxt, but we will take a look at some of the unjs packages and how they can be beneficial for your own projects, be it a module or a web application!

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Alexander Lichter

I'm Alex, a German web engineering consultant and content creator. Helping companies with my experience in TypeScript, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js is my daily business.

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JavaScript is a language that is constantly evolving. Every year it gets new features and syntax updates. But with so many new features, it's easy to lose track.

Nuxt 3 is coming closer and closer to the final release. In this talk, we will take a look at the Vue-based meta-framework and the benefits it can provide to us developers. Besides building a tiny application, we will also check out Nitro, the new server engine of Nuxt, and eventually deploy our small app within minutes. The best thing? There is no extra knowledge needed besides the basics of Vue and the Composition API.