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TypeScript Simplified: A Beginner's Workshop

2 days

max. 20

English or German

Alexander Lichter

Are you eager to write more robust, error-free code and leave pure JavaScript behind? Then my TypeScript Simplified workshop is the perfect starting point. Over the span of two days, I'll introduce you to TypeScript's key concepts, all while providing hands-on experience through practical exercises. Join and learn how TypeScript can enhance your development workflow, catch bugs early, and improve the maintainability of your projects.

Discover the magic of TypeScript in this Beginner's Workshop!


  • Introduction into TypeScript
    • What is TypeScript?
    • Why TypeScript?
    • Other comparable languages
  • From JavaScript to TypeScript - Using a function as example
    • Our first type notation
    • Dealing with objects are parameters
    • Optional parameters
    • Optional object properties
    • Typing variables
  • Further scenarios
    • Combining type values (unions!)
    • Narrowing types
    • What is a Structural Type System exactly?
    • Typing arrays
    • Correctly defining function return types
    • Map/Set types
  • Objects, Errors and more
    • Type key/value pairs in various ways
    • How to handle try/catch errors
    • The unknown type
    • The any type
    • OBject properties as types
  • Type-Land Magic
    • Composing Types
    • Types from Types
    • Partial Types
    • Return Type of a function
    • Getting the parameters of a function
    • Get awaited values
  • Unions extended
    • Union from object keys
    • Get discriminated union members
    • Get the union discriminator
    • Frozen object literals
    • Create a union from various values
  • Strings and Templates
    • String types and patterns
    • String matching
    • The power of template types
    • Union and Template Types
  • Generics
    • What are generics?
    • Generic functions
    • Generic types
    • Generic constraints
    • Generic defaults
    • Generic inference
  • Challenges
    • Couple your types
    • Refactor existing code to add types

Target audience and requirements

This workshop is aimed at developers who want to learn TypeScript from scratch. Basic JavaScript knowledge is required, besides that no previous knowledge is necessary. The workshop will be taught without focusing on a specific framework or library, but rather on the language itself. As usual, combining workshops is possible and recommended, in case it is planned to e.g. learn Vue.js and TypeScript together.


This workshop is a hands-on workshop.

Instead of the typical workshop flow, you will work through the exercises before I'll teach you the theory and background. This way, you will learn the most important concepts of Nuxt.js by doing and not by listening or copying lines of code from the slides.

After each exercise, we will go through the solution and theory together, reinforcing what you have learned.

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Alexander Lichter

Nuxt team member • Consultant • Trainer

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