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UnJS - Unified JavaScript solutions

Most of you haven't heard of UnJS yet, right? But probably, many of you have implicitly been on contact. Gladly, it is no new framework but a collection of high-quality, modern and well-tested packages.

While the organization was created during the time of working on the next major version of the vue-based metaframework Nuxt, UnJS is way more than that. Because it's packages can be used project-agnostic, the whole ecosystem can benefit from them!

In this talk, you will find out more about some of the packages UnJS provides and how they work. In addition, we will have a look at bigger packages, frameworks and parts of the JS ecosystem that use them. Eventually, Alex will present use cases and live demos where the packages can come in handy for your own projects as well, reducing friction and improving DX.

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Alexander Lichter

I'm Alex, a German web engineering consultant and content creator. Helping companies with my experience in TypeScript, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js is my daily business.

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Nuxt in 2023

  • PodRocket
  • 2023-03-03

In this PodRocket episode, I had the pleasure of discussing various aspects of Nuxt.js and web development with Paul, co-host of the show. We covered topics like the evolution from Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3, and discussing new Nuxt 3 features, including the groundbreaking "extends" functionality.

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