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Alexander Lichter

Alexander Lichter

👋 Hey! I am Alex, a freelance web developer and Nuxt.js core team member. But since you're on this page, you probably already know this.

My goal is to contribute as much as possible to the Nuxt.js ecosystem. Currently, I am helping developers on a daily basis in the Discord, on GitHub and on Twitter, writing blog posts and guides about programming topics and maintaining several packages.

Besides working on the Nuxt.js core, I've created a hand full of modules to make the developer's lives easier:

I'm doing all of this in my free time! But I'd love to work on all these awesome things full time one day.

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I very much appreciate kind words or a simple thank you! This is what keeps me motivated (even on a bad Monday). Same goes for sharing my content or starring one of my creations.

Unfortunately, I have to make a living somehow as well. On the one hand, I am offering Nuxt.js consulting through my company Developmint. However, if you know a company that needs help, code reviews, feedback, best practices or an external audit, feel free to pass my website along so they can hire me!
But as you probably can imagine the income is somewhat unsteady and unreliable…

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