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Multi-variant apps with Nuxt 3

Nuxt 3 offers amazing DX, also thanks to its directory structure. FS-based routing, auto importing components and automatic plugin registration - just to name a few features that makes development a breeze.

But when the project grows, having a flat directory structure might become impractical at a point. The problem is even more prevalent when you want to reuse parts of your Nuxt application throughout other projects, e.g., to create different versions of your app depending on the clients.

In this talk, you will see how to extend your Nuxt application based on another project, be it your own "base template" or a totally different GitHub repository. Thanks to Nuxt 3's "extends" key, multi-variant apps can be created just with a bit of configuration. Together we will have a look at the built-in solution, why it is way more powerful than "just adding a component library" and how to apply it to your projects!

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Alexander Lichter

I'm Alex, a German web engineering consultant and content creator. Helping companies with my experience in TypeScript, Vue.js, and Nuxt.js is my daily business.

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